Charter Terms and Conditions
The Charter Fee includes the charter of the vessel, the crew and the vessel’s insurance   Operating expenses such as fuel, dockage, food and beverages are for the Charterer’s account and are covered by the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (or APA), which is generally estimated at an additional 20-30% of the Charter Fee. The APA is payable at the same time as the balance of the Charter Fee, one month prior to the charter.

 Agreement and Payment Terms


We will prepare and forward you a MYBA Charter Agreement detailing the name of the yacht, the agreed dates, ports of delivery and redelivery, cruising area and charter fee .  If all is in order, we will ask you to sign this Agreement and return it to us. The Agreement is then sent to the Owner for counter-signature and a fully-signed copy returned to you for your retention.


Dedicated Services


During the cruise the Captain will carefully account for all expenses and, at the end of the charter, will present the Charterer with a detailed statement of accounts and receipts. Any unused APA funds shall immediately be returned to the Charterer and, likewise, any shortfall shall immediately be payable by the Charterer before he leaves the yacht.  Your Charter Broker will be delighted to welcome you onboars as you get ready to set off on your own tailor-made dream vacation.